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The T9DA Program is the heart of The 90 Degree Ascent.


Our year long program kicks off by bringing together a cohort of veterans and first responders for a weekend long immersive training on mountain bikes, the yoga mat, and mindfulness goal setting. 


The program continues throughout the year with regular check-ins, quarterly meetings, mountain bike rides, and online mindfulness tools to use throughout the year. 

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Mountain Biking

MTN biking has significant health benefits, both physical and emotional. MTN biking has been shown to improve cardiovascular health and is significantly less stressful on the body than running. MTN biking is also often a group sport, with friends, clubs, and like minded people going for rides. 

Studies have shown MTN biking decreases anxiety, improves sleep, and improves serotonin levels.  

T9DA rides are beginner friendly, although throughout the weekend we take willing participants on more strenuous trails. 



The word mindfulness gets thrown around a lot, but essentially it comes down to be being aware, present, and curious. 

The practice itself is a tool that can be developed throughout a person's lifetime. We will use physical movement and breath to teach participants to come back to the present moment.  

We work on mindfulness through the practice of yoga, bike rides in the woods, and board sports in the water.  

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Goal Setting

Our goal setting strategy is to identify the areas of life that a participant wants a breakthrough or a change and set 90-day targets in which to achieve that longer goal. 

Our process is sourced from the Rockefeller Habits and EOS system. 

Both systems believe that long term goals without short term targets can feel overwhelming and become a source of anxiety or frustration.  By breaking down our goals in 90-day segments we allow for more concrete action plans and a higher success rate. 


The Science Behind Forrest Therapy

Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time

Forest therapy is rooted in the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, which is often translated as “forest bathing” and the term refers simply to immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the forest.

Mountain Biking is more than just a meander through the woods. Our ride leaders provide tools to participants, even those who have never ridden, so they can feel comfortable on the bike, allowing them to experience the natural environment while out on the trails.

The intent is to put people in touch with present-moment experience in a very deep way. The sights, sounds, and smells of the forest can take a rider right into that moment, so that their brains stop anticipating, recalling, ruminating and worrying.

If you think that sounds like mindfulness, you’re right.

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present moment with intention, without judging. Forest therapy involves noticing and sensing things rather than judging or evaluating.

We hope to accomplish both mindfulness and the appreciation for the sport while out on the trails. 

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