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Oxford Dictionary Definition:  Mindfulness - A state of being achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.


T9DA achieves mindfulness through various modalities including:

mountain biking, surfing, yoga, meditation, and the artful practice of journaling.

Group of young afro american and caucasian sporty people practicing yoga lesson standing i


Our practice is accessible to all students. Our teaches ae skilled in adjustments for injury and body type. The practice is rigorous and intentional, leaving the student in an invigorated yet calm space.



As the saying goes, this is not your grandma's meditation. We take steps to ensure a safe and supported environment in which our students can feel free to explore the practice of mediation...often in nature.

A leather bound journal sits on a table outside with a cord wrapped around the pages to ke


Our journaling is guided through prompts and inquiry sessions in our small groups. The journal is never shared, but rather a resource each individual can go back to and track their progress. 


The Science Behind Yoga and Mindfulness

The power of the mind.

Research has shown that Mindfulness based stress reduction, in the form of walking, seated, or even moving meditation, along with yoga and mindfulness reduces anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation in veterans.

A 12-page paper published by the VA states yoga and mindfulness decrease the stress response and increases the relaxation response. Overtime this leads to better sleep, a decrease in anxiety related disorders, and PTSD.

We believe by providing tools for veterans to access mindfulness and yoga at home not only improves their individual wellbeing, but it also provides veterans with a community of similarly situated individuals. This creation of community through practice is an essential piece of our program.

Mindfulness-Based Stress  Reduction. Medical Care * Volume 2, Number 12 Suppl 5, December 2014

Whole Health: Information for Veterans. Veterans Health Administration by Jonathan Takahashi, MD, MPH.

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