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Image by Raimond Klavins

class types


meet our instructors in a warm room for a yoga inspired functional movement class, that will stretch & expand the body.


the class will focus on active rest & recovery with longer holds in a relaxed environment.


completely instructor led.  

Image by Katarzyna Grabowska

the Senior is a practice that is beneficial to all ages, but focuses on our older members. Students will have the opportunity to use the support of a chair to arrive in yoga poses. 


the Senior will allow our community members move, breathe & ultimately feel their best. 

Image by Austin Schmid

similar to the Swell of the wave, this class moves slow and intentional, to create space for inquiry both physically & mentally. 


this Swell will take place in a warm room, include longer holds and slower transitions between poses.  


completely instructor led.

Image by Torsten Dederichs

the Storm is a heated, dynamic, full body experience. instructors will use a combination of vinyasa yoga, & body weight interval work.


this class will challenge & improve your ability to weather any Storm.


students dictate their own level of intensity.

Image by Linus Nylund

a heated, vinyasa based, power class. the Flow will be perfect for the newer yogi and challenge the seasoned practitioner.


each instructor will bring their own unique flow to class.


students will be encouraged at times to flow on their own.

Outdoor Yoga

the WTF is our entry level, three week series designed for those who are newer to the practice.


the instructor will review poses & answer questions, all with the intent of clearing the WTF for new students. 

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